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Congratulations to the MLBlogosphere on our one year anniversary. For this blogger, it has been and continues to be a great experience. And now onto some random thoughts about the going ons in major league baseball.

Where Have All The Pitchers Gone?

Boy, with the type of offensive outbursts that have been taking place this April you’d think everyone was on steroids or something. Pitchers are always behind the hitters this early in the season, but it seems that they are a little more behind than normal. I mean it’s one thing to see guys like Albert Pujols, Jim Thome and Paul Konerko going deep- I’ll even tip my cap to the sensational numbers Chris Shelton is putting up, but Ty Wigginton with 5 home runs already, and how about pitcher Bronson Arroyo going yard twice in two starts. Elias Sports Bureau has reported that there haven’t been this many home runs hit in the first two weeks of the baseball season since 2001, and haven’t been this many runs scored since 1962.

Could it be that the pitchers are missing their little green pep pills? Maybe the Padres weren’t the only ones to move their fences in this season? (Teams are always pretty low key when reporting any dimensional changes). Maybe we’re in a time capsule and have returned to 1987 when the Rawlings folks in Costa Rica were confusing golf balls for baseballs? Or maybe the simple truth is that pitching in general is just getting worse.

While a few teams around the league have two dominant starters, many don’t even have one. And I can’t think of a team that has three. The days of the A’s with Hudson, Zito and Mulder or the Braves with Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz could return though in Chicago if Mark Prior or Kerry Wood can ever get back on the mound to join Greg Maddux and Carlos Zambrano. Wherever the Rocket, Roger Clemens, decides to drive his hummer to this summer should also provide a team with a stellar trio. But, for now we will just have to watch some very mediocre three, four, and five guys try to stem the flood of the seemingly endless procession of home run happy hitters. 

Getting Old_old_geezer_3

Jim Edmonds, one of the best center fielders in the game, has already surpassed his error total (two)
from last season with three crucial misplays in back to back games. Now, his shoulder is ailing again. While many in St. Louis are fretting about Scott Rolen’s health holding up, Cards’ fans might just have to accept that Edmonds days as a great hitter and glovesman are slipping away and fast.

Three On Three

While I was working the other night inputting some St. Lucie data into my computer, I was peripherally watching the Rangers/A’s game. ‘Crack’, I turned and Eric Chavez was rounding the bases after a laser shot off Vincent "launching" Pad-illa. Hmm, wish I had Mr. Chavez on my fantasy team. As I turned back to my computer, ‘Crack’, I thought they were showing an instant
replay, but there was Frank Thomas lumbering around the bases after launching another laser out into the stratosphere. I wasn’t sure if the game was live at this point or if they were just showing highlights. Anyway, I turned back to finish putting Alay Soler’s top of the fifth stats into my program, when I heard ‘Crack’ again. The crowd, which was less than sparse, was making more noise than a sellout at Yankee Stadium. This time Milton Bradley was pumping his fist as he watched a skyrocket leave the park— Back-to-Back-to-Back home runs, seemed too quick to be live. But, then I see Padilla with a dismayed look on his face and I hear the announcer say, "three home runs on three pitches and the A’s have come all the way back to take the lead". Now, I’m not sure about this, but I have never seen three guys hit dingers on three consecutive pitches in my life. Maybe some Elias loving data-head can confirm this for me.

Cabbie Blue Light Special

Lastly, if any fantasy owners are finding slim pickings when looking for a good starting pitcher on the waiver wire, I offer you this Cabbie Blue Light Special:

Ryan Madson– After two very solid seasons as a top set-up man, Madson at 26 is just entering his  prime. Madson is a towering presence (6’6") who throws a low to mid-90’s fastball which he offsets with a bedeviling change-up. Madson’s tight curve gives him three legitimate pitches that will help him to get through lineups more than once or twice. He’s off to a good start and has a lineup behind him that can really pack a punch.






                                                                                                                                   Carl the Cabbie                                                                                                                                             


Playoff Academy Awards


Best Walkoff Home Run

1. NLCS Game 5 Houston – Albert Pujols (9th Inning against Brad Lidge)

2. NLDS Game 4 Houston- Chris Burke (18th Inning against Joey Devine)


        Best Non-Hit

1. ALCS  Game 2 Chicago- A.J. Pierzynski’s Safe Strikout (9th inning against Kelvim

        Best Bullpen Cameo

1. NLDS Game 4  Houston- Roger Clemens (3 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 4 K’s, WIN)

2. ALDS Game 3 Boston- Orlando Hernandez (3 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 4 K’s, HOLD)


        Cy Young

1. Roy Oswalt

2. Jose Contreras

3. Mark Buherle

        Biggest Gaffe

1. ALDS Game 2 Anaheim- Alex Rodriguez’s Error (7th Inning)

2. ALDS Game 5 Anaheim- Bubba Crosby/Gary Sheffield Collision (2nd Inning)

        Mr. October

1. Paul Konerko

2. Lance Berkman

3. Albert Pujols

4. Joe Crede


       Mitch Williams/ Byung Hyun Kim Award

1. Brad Lidge

        Best Play At The Plate

1. NLCS Game 5 Houston- Yadier Molina’s swipe tag of Jason Lane (2nd Inning)

2. ALDS Game 4 New York- Jorge Posada beating Benji Molina’s tag (7th Inning)

        Rust Award

1. White Sox bullpen

     You can shower the White Sox pitching staff with accolades for
pitching four Complete
     Games in a row or you can seriously raise
an eyebrow at Ozzie Guillen. By the time the
     World Series begins, the ChiSox bullpen will have not thrown a game pitch in 11 days
have thrown only 2/3 of an inning in tha past half month. Hey Ozzie, there is such a
     thing as underuse!


                               Cabbie’s World Series Prediction           


                                                    Astros in Six


Around The Horn


 A quick look-see at some of yesterday’s games:

"Phils steal bases, but not the game" The Phillies were 5 for 5 stealing bases against Braves’ rookie catcher Brian McCann, but still lost 6-4, they’re now a 1/2 game behind Houston in the Wildcard chase.

"Kameron overcomes Loe throws" Impressive rookie hurler Kameron Loe made things a little tougher on himself committing 3 errors (2 throwing) against the Mariners, but gave up only 2 Runs to lead Texas to a victory and improve his record to 9-5.

"A’s catch Halos"Joe Blanton tossed his 10th quality start in 11 Games as the A’s beat the Bosox 6-2 and moved into a tie with the Angels atop the AL West.

"Small helps Yanks live large" Even tough they had a guy named Small on the mound, it was a grand night for the Yankees. Robinson Cano tied the game against the Devil Rays at 5 with a 6th-inning Grand Slam (his first) and Aaron Small improved to 8-0. The Yanks moved to within a 1 1/2 games of the Red Sox and 1/2 game behind the Indians for the Wildcard.

"Pettitte cruises, Astros on top" Andy Pettitte won his 6th straight start and led the ‘Stros to a 4-1 win over the Marlins. The victory allowed the Astros to leapfrog the Phillies and Marlins by 1/2 game to the top of the Wildcard standings.

As the Phillies, Marlins and Astros go back and forth for the Wildcard lead in the NL, let’s take a look at each teams’ Starting rotations:

Phillies (15 gms. left)           Astros (16 gms. left )           Marlins (15 gms. left)

1. Brett Myers                        Roger Clemens                     Dontrelle Willis

2. Jon Lieber                         Roy Oswalt                             Josh Beckett

3. Vincent Padilla                 Andy Pettitte                            A.J. Burnett

4. Cory Lidle                          Brandon Backe                     Jason Vargas

5. Robinson Tejeda             Wandy Rodriguez                 Ismael Valdez

Mets Playoff Chances lie in Atlanta

For all Met fans,

     Here is a quick thought to soothe your nerves as the Mets make their Playoff push—26 of the Mets final 32 ballgames are within their own division. If you eliminate the Braves the Mets have a a nfty .622 Winning Pct. (23-14) against the other three teams in their division. So once again, it could all come down to Atlanta who the Mets are (4-9) against.  Stay tuned for the final 6 meetings against the Braves-
@ Atlanta 9/5-9/7
@ Shea    9/16-9/18